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Are you looking to donate goods and items to help support families in the North East? Do you have some questions about the process of donating, or what items can and can't be accepted? Firstly, we can't thank you enough for your generosity and for thinking of us. The following is some information that may answer these questions for you. If not, or you'd like any more information, please do get in touch!

We are able to take in donations of all kinds, from food to clothing, small household items to toiletries. There are other things we also accept that don't fit into these brackets, such as toys, baby and toddler items, books and puzzles, and many more. The only thing we emphasise is that all donations be in good condition. We believe that poverty is a trauma and if, for example, you were to receive stained clothing when you're in a place of crisis, it would do nothing to support your mental health. There's dignity in everything we do and provide, so we're trying to break the stigma that "anything will do".

Food donations of all forms and amounts will always be graciously accepted. Although we'll happily accept any kind of food, we ask that you ensure it is still in date and is sealed before donating to us as this is a matter of health and safety. This will then be used in both our Community Kitchen to provide meals from within our centre, and redistributed to our clients in crisis who request food parcels. Toiletries, nappies and baby milk etc are items that are always in high demand, but are sadly in short supply. We have clients across all ages, genders ethnicities and backgrounds, meaning that we also need items that are suitable for all. Sanitary products, shaving items, shampoo, toothpaste and all other toiletries would be much appreciated. Nappies of all sizes and milk for all ages allow us to provide for families both new and existing. As with the food items, we request these all be sealed where possible and still in date.

Clothing is another of the main donations we collect. We ask that all clothes are washed, dried, then bagged by size. Please then clearly label each bag as this helps us to effectively and efficiently distribute to where they're needed most. One donation can often be split up and delivered to multiple families, so it is important to us that everything is sorted in advance. We are a small but mighty team, and your help in preparing items before donating to us massively helps us to support increasingly more people.

We also assist families with household items and furnishings. Be it paint, sofas, pictures for the walls, plates and cutlery, we aim to help with everything we can. The only limitations we have here is with the size of items being donated. Unfortunately, we have limited storage and rely on our amazing volunteers to collect and distribute everything. This means we are unable to store large items such as beds or appliances etc, and would have to make extra arrangements for them. Please get in touch with us directly if you are looking to donate any such items. If you happen to have anything that you could donate, please first contact us to organise collection or drop off. We may need to arrange extra assistance for collection of certain items, or may be able to provide a designated date and time for you to drop off, so that our staff are ready to greet you. However, if you are looking to donate any food, toiletries or clothing, these items can either be collected or brought straight down to our community centre throughout the week. We aim to respond to all enquiries within 48 hours of receiving them, with the exception of the weekends. Thank you for considering to donate to us.Thank you for donating goods to help families in the North East.

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