Support and Grow North East exists to tackle poverty and social disadvantage.

Engage. Enable. Empower

We are a dedicated and like minded team of volunteers working within the community fighting poverty and social isolation.

We give immediate crisis relief and care in terms of clothing and food.

We go on to provide trauma-informed “normalising” positive experiences for both individuals and families, tackling both loneliness and isolation which have never been more prevalent than at this time of a pandemic.

Our dedicated Volunteer Area Managers, based in the heart of our communities, conduct regular check in ‘contact and support’ services with our clients.

Our Vision

We will provide those who most need it, the right tools and platform to thrive, strengthening futures through resilience, empowerment, engagement and solidarity.  

Our Mission

To assist and enrich people in poverty by addressing basic needs and to be a champion of women and girls and across our diverse communities.

Empowering local communities and building further resilience.

How we support our communities

Treat everybody with dignity and respect, with diversity, equality, equity and inclusion at the core of our daily business.

Help people to help themselves, focusing on empowerment and personal development.

Support the development of more resilient communities with no-one being left behind.

Forging positive, meaningful and ongoing links. Trauma informed responses within service delivery.

Do you require support?

We’re here to help. Please email us on

Support And Grow North East is a Registered Charity: #1197333

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