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Support and Grow North East are working extremely hard in 11 of the most deprived communities in North Tyneside and Northumberland to alleviate poverty, health inequalities and social isolation. The idea is to elevate the whole community via long-term solutions and bring people together, rather than just help with the short-term needs of people in trouble. We develop whole communities as well as individuals. Health inequalities and poverty go hand in hand. Louise Jones, our CEO, is also a Poverty Truth Commissioner for The North of Tyne Combined Authority. Louise tells us:

“The North East has the highest rate of child poverty, the highest rate of male suicide, and as a women you are 1.7 times more likely to die from a poverty-related illness. Your life expectancy can be a decade different depending on which end of the metro line you live. This has to change. People in our poorer communities not only die earlier, but they live more of their lives suffering ill health and in despair. Those who 'escape', move out of the community, leaving communities to degenerate. Working with individuals alone does not address poverty, if everything they see around them and experience still screams it” Support and Grow North East exists to alleviate poverty and health inequalities, and we take a community wide approach. We foster a culture of equity, diversity and inclusion in all our activities.”.

Louise Jones, CEO

Who We Are

We take a stance to be an active voice for those living in poverty, those facing health and wider inequalities, and minority groups. We advocate for our communities at a strategic level, and take every opportunity to empower them to advocate for themselves.

We have the most amazing team of men and women; both staff and volunteers are all passionately committed to ensuring that every person who comes to us leaves us in a better position. Each member of the team loves their community, and its people, and knows what it is like to be in that position. They have been there, and they are determined to help that person find their way out too. They care. Every member of our team inspires us daily.

Support and Grow North East works collaboratively with other charities and agencies. We believe that the issues we face are complex and it is only by joining together that we can address poverty in a meaningful and sustainable way. We are already providing these services with incredibly positive feedback.

We welcome you to come and meet us all to learn more! If you are a person needing help, wanting to help, or an organisation wanting to collaborate, please get in touch!

Exceptional understanding and nothing but kindness

“I wondered for a while about reaching out as I felt so embarrassed, but I'm so glad I did. All the volunteers have been nothing short of saviours to me, and I honestly don't know how I would have coped otherwise. With zero judgement, exceptional understanding and nothing but kindness, I was very quickly helped both practically and emotionally. We were sent clothes for my daughter after she had a growth spurt. We were helped with food, cleaning and toiletries. Furthermore, we have also been lucky enough to benefit from an amazing day out, which was much needed and appreciated by all of us”.

Support and Grow service user

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