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Engage. Enable. Empower.

Support and Grow North East is a community led, grassroots, outreach organisation.

We live and work within the communities we serve.

We became a registered charity in Jan 2022, but have been active within these communities since 2019, working to alleviate poverty, health inequalities and social isolation.

We give immediate crisis care and move forward with our clients to provide trauma-informed positive experiences.

This empowers individuals with help and advocacy to access services and to engage within the wider community.

Many of our clients go on to become volunteers. We are “Communities looking after each other”.

We work in communities throughout North Tyneside, Northumberland and Newcastle.

We work collaboratively with other charities, local authorities and stakeholders in order to provide a more accessible ‘joined up’ service to those that would otherwise be unable to access those services.

The North East has the second highest rate of child poverty in the UK at 37% and we are seeing developing health inequalities across all intersections of our community, and across minority groups.

We expect this figure to increase as the true effects of Covid and the impending Fuel and Food crisis begin to hit.

Statutory services are already flooded and are gratefully referring clients to us to support. We are seeing the demand for our services increasing daily.

We foster a culture of equity, diversity and inclusion in all our activities.

We take a stance to be an active voice for those living in poverty, those facing health and wider inequalities and minority groups.

We champion women and girls and are fully trained in hate crime awareness.

Our Facebook Group has over 3,500 members. They include neighbours, friends and allies from across all intersections of the community.

Our communities are more cohesive, resilient, supportive, and inclusive. It is widely accepted that these inclusive and equitable activities reduce hate crime and mental health needs.

Early intervention also prevents the need for more intensive statutory involvement at a later stage.

The need for our services increased dramatically during the first lockdown as other service providers were unable to operate due to Covid restrictions.

Mental Health issues and Social Anxiety is now a huge concern. 47% of our communities report poor mental health. Some of our most vulnerable and elderly have been in isolation since 2019.

Support and Grow North East are already ingrained and trusted within our communities, with significant community, equality, diversity and business acumen and knowledge under our belt.

We are already providing these services with incredibly positive feedback. We welcome you to come and meet us all to learn more!

I wondered for a while about reaching out as I felt so embarrassed, but I’m so glad I did. All the volunteers have been nothing short of saviours to me, and I honestly don’t know how I would have coped otherwise. With zero judgement, exceptional understanding and nothing but kindness, I was very quickly helped both practically and emotionally. We were sent clothes for my daughter after she had a growth spurt. We were helped with food, cleaning and toiletries. Furthermore, we have also been lucky enough to benefit from an amazing day out, which was much needed and appreciated by all of us.

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Support And Grow North East is a Registered Charity: #1197333

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