Volunteer Area Managers

Our Volunteer Area Manager model is the key to our success. Because we all have lived experience of poverty, and living in communities like those that we serve, we understand that you can not parachute strangers in and expect us to trust you and engage with you. Communities have relied on each other for support for generations.

In each community we serve, we have identified a Volunteer Area Manager (VAM). She already lives there, works there, and supports her neighbours. We empower these women with solidarity, training and support and they become our representative in that community. They are 'Of that Community, For that Community'. All resources needed in that community come from us, through that VAM. In return, all information about the needs and wishes of that community via their VAM to us. We are completely Community led.

We also understand that Community Centres are not shiny new buildings that are put in the middle of our estates by decision makers in positions of authority. The centre of our communities is conversations around a neighbours kitchen table, at the school gates or over a garden fence. Communities already have a network of trusted advice and support, and its usually women. They understand their community and the people in it, they advocate for each other, they share resources, advice and information. This precious support network should be nurtured and empowered! They are Experts by Experience.

Our VAMs also support each other, sharing knowledge, resources and networks. We look after each other, across our communities.

We are so proud of all of our VAMs, who despite juggling work and family commitments, play such an important role in supporting and advocating for the rest of their community.