Dignity in Action Community Food Project – COMING SOON!!

We can’t do this alone – we need your help!

‘Support and Grow North East – Looking after each other across our communities’ has always been rooted in our communities and community led. The community needs food, warmth, and support. We will be starting our own DIGNITY food provision imminently, with plans already in place to have a food provision at Bertram Grange Community Centre with no stigma, no shame, no questions around finances and your circumstances but lots of opportunities to join us in our growth model of Engage, Enable, Empower. Whereby we encourage everyone together to be the best version of themselves and for everyone to come together to offer what they can, their skills and talents, whilst being fed and having access to a warm hub and a hot drink.

We won’t see anyone disadvantaged or alone, and we smash barriers, stigmas, stereotypes and glass ceilings.

We are here for you!!!

But we need your help!!!

Please, please donate one of the items listed below, or anything you can assist with:

– Non-Perishable Items
– UHT Milk
– Tinned Products
– Vegetarian and Vegan Items
– Sweet Treats
– All Toiletries
– Cleaning Products
– Period Products
– Baby Food
– Nappies
– Baby Toiletries

We can’t do this alone.


Call in to one of our cuppa clubs to see how we operate and check out what we do

Please donate online via:

Support And Grow North East is a Registered Charity: #1197333

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