Meet the Team

Support and Grow isn’t just for the community, it IS the community. Our team is not made up of executives who have never visited the area, sitting in an office miles away. They’re everyday pillars of our community who have strived for years to help out local people in need.

Each of our members from the Area Managers to the volunteers who ad-hoc clean our centre or help us set up for events do this because they’re passionate about what they do, about helping their community, and making sure no-one falls through the cracks – no matter who they are!

Every volunteer grafts for everyone, and leaves any personal connections at the door. No matter if you’re an old face or are new to our community, born local or recently moved into the UK, whether you’ve always gotten along with everyone or are far from a social butterfly – your history is your business, what matters to our volunteers is your future. Our heroic volunteers strive to make sure that your future is one free from hunger, thirst, poverty, or danger.

Support And Grow North East is a Registered Charity: #1197333

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